Microbubble oxygenation and aeration products

Have you been searching for water aeration devices that offer the highest oxygen transfer efficiency possible?

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About us

We run our company since 2014. From the very beginning we wanted to create innovative products and so we developed and patented our diffusers which are based on modern microbubble technology. Every diffuser is produced according to the highest quality standards.

Modern technology

We are constantly developing our technology so that we can offer our clients the latest and best products. The microbubble technology we use allows you to get great results at a low cost. Time passes, so we as a company move with it.

Eco friendly

For the sake of future generations and the future of the Earth, we use ecological machines that produce energy-saving products. You don't need large amounts of energy to use our diffusers, which sets us apart from other manufacturers.

Worldwide sales

Our ambition is to get our product to everyone who needs modern and efficient oxygenating equipment. Everyone should have the right to choose the best solution, which is why every country in the world is important to us.

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